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by In Virgo

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In Virgo's self titled, debut album features 12 tracks of blistering, electronic infused rock. Soaring vocals cut through a huge wall of high-octane guitar riffs, driven by explosive drum beats and percolating synthesizers, making this essential listening for any fan of Nine Inch Nails, Filter, 16volt, or Linkin Park. The songwriting is front and center always, and these catchy tunes will stick with you long after you're done listening! Keeping in tune with the modern music climate, "In Virgo" will be available as a free or pay-what-you-want download via Bandcamp, and also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and dozens of other digital music outlets.


released April 11, 2015

Vocals: Chris Hodges
Guitar and Synth: Chris Egert

Additional Guitar on "Set Me Free" and "The Light at the End" by: Vincent Cabagnot and James Duran

Recording Engineer: Chris Fudurich at fLoft
Produced and Mixed by: In Virgo
Mastered by: Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound

All songs written by Chris Egert and Chris Hodges, except for "Exposed" and "Part of Me", written by Chris Hodges and Carlos Platon.



all rights reserved


In Virgo Los Angeles, California

Hailing from Los Angeles, In Virgo is a hard hitting, industrial tinged rock/metal band comprised of Chris Hodges (vocals) and Chris Egert (guitar, synth, programming). The band's self titled, debut album features 12 tracks of blistering, electronic infused rock. Soaring vocals cut through a huge wall of high-octane guitar riffs, driven by explosive drum beats and percolating synthesizers. ... more

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Track Name: Set Me Free
I search for the light in the darkness
When I’m lost in the hope of your change

Violent, your words are thrown at me
Servant, my words will wait

Please tell me there's a bridge overlooking water
Ahh it's time! Ahh it's time!
Don't chase me I’m alone and I'm going under
Ahh it's time! Ahh it's time!

Circle, a storm is gathering so I
Hide my face from the wind

Verbal, like thunder and lightning only
This time I break through the rain

Just pack it up, I'm leaving (leaving)
Been down enough, nowhere to go but I know
If I can take another step towards that door
I’ll never look back, never look back

And I feel like
I never knew who you were
Track Name: The Light At the End
I play the game with a bullet inside of my head
I pull the trigger but the mirror says I'm already dead
I bleed red but the bruises I already have
Have made me more than alive

I felt the heat of the breathers, the stain of defeat
Are looking down on me anxious to see me concede
I'm on my knees just to see you, to make you believe
You've beat out the fight in my mind

Keep fading away and I'm just starting the game
Keep looking away but I will be there
You can't keep me away
From the life that I have always wanted
I have always wanted inside

I put an end to my reasons the way I survive
Is casting out all the demons that ruined my mind
I bet the light at the end of the tunnel of life
Is worth all the fighting inside

Come play it's my only escape from it
Take my mind off the crazy inside of it
Look inside I bet you won't be surprised
How close to the edge is my life

I'll reach from inside
I've nothing to hide
Track Name: The Chosen
Where is this we're going?
It seems all of our existence seems to lie
In chaos, not selection
Who are you to that knows my name?
Who am I to pave the way?
It feels like I'm only dying

Let me feel your heartbeat, beating at the end
Follow all the people running to defend
We are the chosen ones
Who run through the wilderness to see the end

Maybe it's a fable, maybe it's a lie
Maybe it's a joke, we run until we die
I’ll keep the pace for you
The ones, the true, the chosen few

What is this I'm hearing?
It's like all of your whispers compromise
My reason, my foundation

You know I need it, follow the broken sign
Not that I see it, you want to make it mine
But we're out of time

Who are we? To control all things?
To live beyond our broken paths, find out what's underneath
And letting go, it's so unknown
But break the cycle, realize
There's nothing that we know
Track Name: Lost All of You
It's dark and blurry
I've closed my eyes for a hundred years
I've awoken only to your voice inside

You left me nothing
When you disappeared out of my life
I have a journey, and you are now surprised that I...

Lost all of you, I
Lost all of you inside

We ran In circles
To rescue what’s bleeding
I feel the hating from the first day you left

I kept your memories
And hated your enemies
Now it’s your burden, time for you to bear

I feel an opening
A wound that never healed in time
You bring to life my pain when you call my name

You pushed away
And held a gun to my heart that day
I'll never wonder if you here to stay cause I...

Lost all of you, I
Lost all of you inside
Track Name: The Poison
I'm kept a secret from the dead
I'm hiding till this world forgives

I'm bleeding under my skin
The poison made its way in
I'm changing in my bones
Falling out of control
Just show me where to begin again

Who is the one, the only son
Awaken now it has just begun
I adjust my eyes and I'm letting go
I play this game inside my head
I only win if the others dead
Track Name: Breaking Apart
Who are you, and what do you want from me?
All these years have gone and passed, these doors lead to nothing

I blame it on you
I can see through you
I've died enough to rescue what's been taken from me

You may heal everybody, you've never healed my heart
I gave you so much glory, you gave me so much hurt

I picked up your cross
And laid it down on me

You've had me for so long and played to my curse
You're so understanding, I feel so much worse
You cannot lock the door again
I will not let you in again

Suppress me, fill me, hate me
And leave me wanting more
Another hit might fix me
Rip me away from this world

You can not lock the door again
I will not let you in again
Track Name: Public Enemy
You tried, I survived
No wonder it's hard for you to see the ride
Don't cry, it's your life
That you decided to throw away and undermine

One more day in your weak pathetic life and I
Might decide to break out of your meaningless trap

I know that it's hard for you to see me go
When your dream is to kill the ones around you
Just say what I know that you've been thinking about me
I'm your public enemy

I'm fine, you're out of line
Let's go to the jury, maybe they'll be blind
It's thick, you're punishment
I'll write you letters from my end of the argument

One more day in this god forsaken pit with your
Head between your knees as you
Suck the life right out of me

Call the law, you know they're never gonna help you

One step further to bring my temper over
Count us off together now
1,2,3 go!
Track Name: Bully the Few
It took a moment to forget that we weren't in a dream
A strange island, I'm whoever I see
They are in trouble, tonight they will see
I'm playing games and it will end when you bleed

Get me out out get me out now now

It's something dark and it's something beautiful
There's something righteous about having your fist in my hands
You prey on weaker ones, they'll prey on you
They sit and wait while you continue to bully the few

It doesn't matter who is here for the show
It's my plan and I am ready to go
My heart is pounding, revenge is my mind
How do I stop it before it takes our lives?

We will not fall into line
Nature chose you this time
All we want is to feel human
Take that away and we'll make you pay
Track Name: Revolution
I want to live forever
No waiting for a miracle to come my way
The darkness makes me wonder
How long do I have left before they take me away?

The light that's in your eyes
Has left me paralyzed
My days are numbered, the wait is over
So take me to the black in the sky

I came to lead the young
I came to lead the few
I came to lead a revolution to create something new
I don't conform to the view there's only one way to choose
I'll leave my past behind

Did they tell you you’re a number
Standing still awaiting butchers of broken dreams
I can see where this is going
Down the road where the guns and the cattle meet

Like feelings we avoid
Like visions we destroyed
Regret is nowhere
You're out there somewhere
So take me to the edge of the sky

We're living somewhere between the fear and truth
I'm at a point where we have to make a move
And I refuse to let the dream fall out of destiny
It's all but over its all but over
Who's gonna let me me out it might as well be me
Track Name: Colors
It's like a dream falling out of darkness into the sea
It's too extreme to put into words for us to conceive

When the whole world is on your shoulders
Just an hour of peace will do

So make the sun rise
Make it for you
To see all the colors that we make for you
Breathe to feel it
Create something new
All of these colors here are made for you

I'll say with ease, should I cut you out of all of your strings
‘Cause all I see is a bodywrap of failing disease
It's a moment of heartbreak and sorrow
It's the rest of your life that you'll need

I'll try to be here defending you
I hope that you stand up and fly soon
Track Name: Exposed
I see into your heart

It's a mask that keeps us from who we are
It's a face I can't help but tear apart

Separate the sickness from my mind
Precious light, I've gone too far tonight
I keep taking, breaking all that catches my eyes
Give me rest, if only for tonight

Take your mask, and break it over your heart
Show your face, expose who you really are
You're a sick one, selfish disguised with a coat of white
Show your face, expose who you really are

I'm a fake, just passive and too polite
You believe this face I painted all night
Just to see you feed you lies with a hint of wine
It's my time, I'll show you this other side

I will help you
I will trust you
I will hurt you
I will haunt you
Just enough for your reaction to bring me joy
It's a fault, it's a confusion
Why I let this follow through when
I belong in the chains that I threw on you
Track Name: Part of Me
I made you a number passing by through my life
I traded a photograph for sand and blue sky
It fades when the light falls short of your eyes when you cry

My life has shown
Where you should go
I’m lost alone
Should you come home
Complete this part of me

It may be selfish now
Where is the life I found
A simple time and season
And searching for no reason
My photograph has your eyes and your life next to mine

I’m in a hollow room where a wooden floor’s a bed and it’s home
I lay my head to rest with your picture in my hand and it grows
I need your light to shine or fade into the sun